Wednesday, December 7, 2016


   The Lost Boys

Where does a man start to write about  the most important subject of his life? That subject? His father or lack of . 

My name is Scott Campbell and I am a Lost Boy. To me being a Lost Boy means I was raised in a single mother home with no father figure. There are many variations to the no father syndrome and mine is the classic one. I never knew or met my father in any shape or form during my development as a child. I was solely raised by my mother. A Lost Boy in it's truest sense. 

I was born in 1965 . Single motherhood was nothing new however it was not as prevalent as it is in today's world. Today women choose to raise their son's with no father and to me I do not know why with all the evidence suggesting that our society is floundering now due to the fact that many more men are raised by women alone. When I was growing up there was much more shame piled on from those around me. I grew up in poverty. I recall having no phone, no color television and no cable. I also grew up not knowing what it was like having a car in my household. We relied on weekly visits from my grandmother to take us grocery shopping and to the laundry mat . I knew no one in my small town of Auburn, Maine who lived like I did. It was hard and that childhood has made me the man I am today. 

The purpose of this blog going forward is to relate my personal experiences, gather news and statistics on fatherless men, review books and websites dealing with the subject and hopefully get interactions from other men who have grown up this was as well. I want to help with my experience and I want to learn from other's experiences. 

That is the Mission Statement of this blog. I hope you return and contribute. 

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